Sacer Custos Pacis

Sacer Custos Pacis - Gardien Sacré de la Paix - Prince Hubert de Polignac

Illustrated on our coat of arms, this Latin maxim means
“Sacred Guardian of the Peace”.
What other brand can profess such noble,
protective values?


The Prince’s hour

In 1947, Prince Hubert de Polignac decided to make his name a brand of cognac.
With his wealth of political and cultural knowledge,
the Prince worked with the H. MOUNIER company to
create what was to become a worldwide success


A bright future

Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac

In 2019, POLIGNAC took back its Princely independence.
H. MOUNIER remains a precious service provider for our prestigious brand.
Under the management of Anthony Perera, and with the trust of an international group, the brand is preparing for
a turning point in its history…

A man of culture and an experienced Ambassador, Prince Hubert de Polignac left us his impertinence and his elegance,
but also the oaths of protection and combat that his family has always honored.
Since our House was founded in 1947, our hearts and minds have held these values dear and as we head out in a new direction, we will continue
to embody this proud royal style.

Anthony PERERA

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